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Long live gold…

During my many years in the jewellery trade, we have seen a huge change in fashions, designs have become more refined. We are now in a world of an eclectic mix of  simple streamlined styling , vintage chic and classic pieces that never seem to date.

Silver jewellery came to the fore over the last twenty years. Before that it was deemed a cheaper alternative.  Gradually silver and white gold took the lead in the jewellery fashion stakes. It seemed like  yellow gold was slipping into the realms of history.

But as with all fashion, yellow gold has reappeared and while we can’t predict what the future holds, it can be confirmed that it’s firmly here to stay. Just check out the red carpet to see what the A list are choosing to wear…

Everything from bags and shoes are finished with yellow metal. Co-ordinate with yellow for the complete look.

The future’s bright, the future’s…yellow!